International Meeting, Athens, December 2006

Approaches to Conservation

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Wednesday 4 March 2009, by Icon Network

Icons: Approaches to Research, Conservation & Ethical Issues
International Meeting of the Special Interest Icons Group
Icons Approaches to Research, Conservation and Ethical Issues.
Athens, 3-7 December 2006
Benaki Museum, Pireos Street Annexe

Please find part 2: Approaches to Research, in our Technical Research section, and part 3: Approaches to Ethical Issues, in our Code of Ethics section.

Nikkanen Helena Introductory lecture (pdf 21Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 54Ko)
Margaritof Tasos New technique for simultaneous cleaning, fixing and consolidating damaged painted surfaces (pdf 109Ko) English abstract (pdf 15Ko)
Stassinopoulos Stergios The cleaning of icons’ varnish (zip 3,9Mo) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 49Ko)
Papageorgiou Thalia The Virgin Hodegitria from the Gerokomeiou Monastery in Patra: Problems of conservation and processes for confronting them (zip 2,2Mo) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 62Ko)
Papadopoulou Amalia Historical authenticity or aesthetic perfection? The Virgin Hodegitria, 14th century, Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki (zip 885Ko) English abstract (pdf 16Ko)
Gormatuk Alexander Unknown Byzantine painting in Cairo: New discoveries for restorers (zip 189Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 59Ko)
Cormack R., Vassilaki M. The Herakleion Baptism of Christ and the arrival of El Greco in Venice (pdf 14 Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 43Ko)
Ntousi A., sister Daniilia, Minopoulou E. The crazing effect in post-Byzantine icons of the 19th century. Study of the effect – The restoration treatment of icons (zip 383Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 61Ko)
Kuznetsova, Olga Russian icons of 18th century of Yaroslavl region in collections abroad (pdf 19Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 52Ko)
Gerekos J., Roumeliotou M.Study of the technology and preservation state of an 18th century triptych by the use of physico-chemical diagnosis methods as prerequisite for its conservation (zip 1,7Mo) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 67Ko)
Scalova S., Father Bigoul el Suriani, Hallebeek P. Note on the regional production of cons in the crusader era – Case study: Egyptian-Byzantine masterpiece from c. 1200 (pdf 26Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 52Ko)
Farmakalidis Helen Veronica Simple method for the evaluation of wood consolidant materials (zip 6,1Mo) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 49Ko)
Larina Julia Use of conservation experience when making scientific examination of an artwork (zip 537Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 41Ko)
Lazidou D., Drosaki D. The conservation of icons from Albania (zip 20,3Mo) English abstract (pdf 39Ko)
Argyratos V., Fragkaki F. IEROSOLIMITIKA: A different kind of icon painting on canvas from the Holy Places. Historical data, materials, present state and conservation techniques (zip 11,5Mo) English abstract (pdf 19Ko)
Vlassis Dimitris Portable Despotic Icon: Virgin Mary the Hodegitria from Athitos (Chalkidiki) (zip 699Ko) English abstract (pdf 21Ko)
Karagianidou Η., Toutos Ν., Mpeltsi F., Sarivassili Κ., Toutos N. The conservation of the portable icon “Christ Great Archpriest” from the Holy temple of the Annunciation in Alexandria, Egypt (zip 1,3Mo) English abstract (pdf 66Ko)
Papadopoulou Ε., Ballas D. Byzantine and Christian Museum: Planning and infrastructure for the management and documentation of the archeological collections. A case study on the management system employed in the storage areas’ (pdf 71Ko) English abstract (pdf 45Ko)
Filippousi M., Stamatopoulou E. The history of icons conservation at the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens. The icons laboratory conservation archive management and assessment of the information (zip 4,1Mo) English abstract (pdf 34Ko)
Perdikari Jenny Technical study of environmental control system at the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens (zip 809Ko) English abstract (pdf 24Ko)
Papadimitriou M., Vamvakari E. Case study: lending and transport of icons in the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens (zip 698Ko) English abstract (pdf 31Ko)
Lazidou D., Karagiannis G., Mamaginidis D. BYZANTIO: An ontology based system for theconservation treatment documentation of artworks (zip 824Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 70Ko)
Androutsopoulos Nikos Packing and transport considerations at St. Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai, Egypt (zip 745Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 100Ko)
Gabrielides Ivi Exposition, Safety, Conservation (zip 1,2Mo) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 104Ko)
Isar Nicoletta Icons at the Willmusen Museum in Denmark: Ethical issues on icon research and conservation (zip 350Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 67Ko)
Dovgal Irina The icon of the Virgin of Passion in Post-Byzantine and Russian Art (zip 335Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 48Ko)
Karydis Christos The fabric support in portable icons: Deterioration, documentation and conservation (zip 1,3Mo) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 52Ko)