International Meeting, Athens, December 2006

Approaches to Research

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Wednesday 4 March 2009, by Icon Network

Icons: Approaches to Research, Conservation & Ethical Issues
International Meeting of the Special Interest Icons Group
Icons Approaches to Research, Conservation and Ethical Issues.
Athens, 3-7 December 2006
Benaki Museum, Pireos Street Annexe

Please find part 1: Approaches to Conservation, in our Conservation section, and part 3: Approaches to Ethical Issues, in our Code of Ethics section.

Alexopoulou A., Κoutsouris A., Panagopoulos A., Gerakari K. Proposition of a methodology for the detection and identification of craquelure patterns on painted artworks (zip 1,2Mo) English abstract (pdf 18Ko)
Mossunova, Tatiana Research of technique and technology of fake icons produced in the late 19th – early 20th century (zip 718Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 41Ko)
Sotiropoulou S., Wei W. Non-contact method for the documentation, evaluation and monitoring of conservation treatments for icons (zip 2,9Mo) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 52Ko)
Terlixi Α., Doulgeridis Μ., Ioakimoglou Ε. Staining and fluorescent staining techniques for the characterization of binding media within paint cross- sections. Examination of post-Byzantine icons from the National Gallery of Athens- Alexandros Soutzos Museum’s collection as a case study (zip 342Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 85Ko)
Katsibiri Ο., Lazidou D., Howe R.F. An analytical methodology for the study of the transparent coatings present on the surface of Post-Byzantine icons (zip 408Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 60Ko)
Aloupi H., Aslani I. , Pachalis V., Stassinopoulos S., Karydas A., Anglos D, Gionis V.,Chryssikos J. Analysis and documentation of the Baptism by Domenicos Theotokopoulos by use of non-destructive physicochemical techniques. Comparison with the Adoration of the Magi of the Benaki Museum. (zip 4,1Mo) Ελληνική περίληψη (zip 184Ko)
Goncharova Tatiana Four icons from a late 16th c. Deisis (Novgorod Museum), early works of the Stroganov atelier (pdf 22Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 43Ko)
Lazidou D., Drosaki D., Karagiannidou H., Beinas P.,Beltsi F., Siakka A. Diagnostic research on icons from Albania (zip 22Mo) English abstract (pdf 40Ko)
Rozlucka Ζ., Arszynsca J. M. Examination of the condition and structure of 18th – 19th century icons encountered on the antiquities market in Poland (zip 2,4Mo) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 56Ko)
Tornari V., Bernikola E., Orphanos Y., Fotakis C., Stassinopoulos S.,Smyrnakis N. Structural diagnosis of El Greco paintings by means of modern laser technology (zip 229Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 44Ko)
Kouloumpi E., Stoupathis K., Sotiriou I., Selianitis G., Lawson G. A new acquisition of the Holy Monastery of St. John Theologos of Patmos: Physicochemical research and conservation treatment of the artefact (zip 356Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 60Ko)
Karapanagiotis I., Sister Daniilia A comparison of the organic dyes used in icons and textiles of the Mediterranean area in the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine period (pdf 78Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 86Ko)
Karapanagiotis I. Identification of Natural Organic Dyes Used in Art Objects of the Cultural Heritage of the S.E. Mediterranean Area by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (zip 104Ko)
Bruckner M. Cross-section preparation of painting and icon samples by means of microtomy and microscopy (pdf 22Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 52Ko)
Vamvacas Κonstantinos Icon protection against dust, UV radiation and vandalism by special non-reflecting glass (zip 745Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 62Ko)
Busch Barbara HAHN PROTECTOR picture case: Climate protection for hanging artefacts (zip 365Ko) Ελληνική περίληψη (pdf 52Ko)