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Tuesday 30 June 2009

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Museum of Serbian Orthodox Church

Patriarchate of the Serbian Orthodox Churc
Kralja Petra I 5,

Tel. : 328-2593


The National Museum in Belgrade


The National Museum in Belgrade, museum of a complex type, the most significant, the oldest and central Serbian museum, after a hundred and sixty years of growth and development – from collecting rarities to comprehensive presentation of cultural heritage of Serbia, central Balkans and Europe – has 34 archeological, numismatic, artistic and historical collections today.

The Department of Mediaeval Art The Department of Mediaeval Art of the National Museum in Belgrade preserves artifacts and objects created in Serbia, Byzantine Empire and other parts of the mediaeval orthodox realm between the seventh and the sixteenth century A.D. The Collection contains a number of representative pieces, which belong to the mainstream of the Serbian and Byzantine mediaeval art, and often originate from the churches and monasteries built and furnished by mediaeval rulers and top clergy of the Orthodox Church.

The National Museum closed its permanent exhibition on 1 June 2003.

The National Museum needs a full reconstruction which would create adequate conditions for placing and permanent storing and preserving, protecting and presenting the cultural objects, based on the requirements of modern museology, and which would allow long lasting adequate conditions for the development of the Museum and standard monitoring.


National Museum in Belgrade _Trg Republike 1a, 11000 Beograd
phones: (+381) 11/33.060.00
fax: (+381) 11/2627.721
e-mail: pr@narodnimuzej.rs