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Wednesday 4 March 2009, by Icon Network

The Valamo Art Conservation Institute

Conservation institute in Uusi-Valamo, Finland

History, location and pictures of the institute, with work in progress:

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The Valamo Art Conservation Institute was founded in 1984. The State of Finland had the Institute built specifically to meet the needs of the Finnish Orthodox Church, but commissions for other conservation work are also accepted from other clients, such as Lutheran congregations, museums, other organizations, and private individuals. Although the Institute is generally engaged in conserving works of art painted on wood and canvas, it specializes in icon conservation. It has organized several international congresses on icon conservation and serves as a training facility for students of art conservation. The Institute employs four art conservators and one research photographer. In addition to conservation work, the Institute provides assessments of condition and damage and conducts inspections of exhibitions. It also engages in x-ray and other research photography and gives instructions for the preservation and care of works of art.


Valamo Art Conservation Institute

Valamontie 42
79850 Uusi-Valamo


Chief Conservator: Helena Nikkanen

mobile: +358-(0)407682041