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Thursday 30 December 2010, by Icon Network

Icon and word: the power of images in Byzantium

: studies presented to Robin Cormack Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2003 - 301 pages

Mother of God: representations of the Virgin in Byzantine art

Maria Vassilaki, Mouseio Benaki Skira, 2000 - 531 pages

The icon: holy images—sixth to fourteenth century

Kurt Weitzmann G. Braziller, 1978 - 134 pages

The power of icons: Russian and Greek icons : 15th-19th century

: the Morsink Collection Snoeck Publishers, 2006 - 183 pages

Greek icons: 14th-18th century, the Rena Andreadis collection

Anastasia Drandaki, Mouseio Benaki Skira, 2002 - 291 pages

Byzantine art

Robin Cormack Oxford University Press, 2000 - 248 pages

Early Christian & Byzantine art

John Lowden Phaidon, 1997 - 447 pages

The Art of the Byzantine Empire 312-1453: sources and documents

Cyril Mango University of Toronto Press, 1986 - 272 pages

The Oxford history of Byzantium

Cyril A. Mango Oxford University Press, 2002 - 334 pages

A History of Byzantium

Timothy E. Gregory John Wiley and Sons, 2010 - 480 pages

Heaven on Earth: art and the Church in Byzantium

Linda Safran Penn State Press, 1998 - 280 pages

Reconstructing the reality of images: Byzantine material culture and religious iconography (11th-15th centuries)

Maria G. Parani BRILL, 2003 - 417 pages

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