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Thursday 16 August 2012, by Icon Network

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Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker With Angels and Miracles : A New Image of Saint Nicholas of Myra in Russian Art of the 16th Century. by Engelina S.Smirnova

Since lifting the tacit ban on the study of many pages of Soviet history, including circumstances surrounding the sale of artworks from the USSR to the West in the 1920s and early 1930s, Russian publications have frequently reproduced a photograph of a certain antique shop situated either in Moscow (most likely) or Leningrad. On it can be seen a large number of icons intended for sale. Some of them, but by no means all, have subsequently been located, including an icon of Saint Nicholas. This icon, with its memorable composition, disappeared from the orbit of specialists and its fate remained unknown until 2009 when it resurfaced on the art market. Now in London, the 16th-century icon is known only to a small number of specialists.

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Visuality Among Cubism, Iconography, and Theosophy : Pavel Florensky’s Theory of Iconic Space by Clemena Antonova

The paper considers the little known influence of Theosophical notions of visuality on Pavel Florensky’s (1882-1937) theory of iconic space. What is probably the most insightful aspect of Florensky’s position on the pictorial space of the medieval image in his essay "Reverse Perspective" (1919) cannot be understood outside his Theosophically-derived notions of vision in an earlier work, Smysl idealizma (The Meaning of Idealism, 1914). The importance of the icon for Florensky lies exactly in its ability to provide a model of vision at a higher level of existence.

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