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Wednesday 24 March 2010

Please visit the Interpol Stolen art-website

Please visit the Interpol Stolen art-website for more information about stolen icons.

Currently the Interpol Stolen Art-site has more than 600 stolen icons. This number unfortunately is not the whole truth; sometimes the theft is not discovered until the icon is found on the market, and sadly, most thefts of icons are not reported at all.

The public needs to be made aware of the problem concerning the market of stolen icons, as well as all cultural heritage. As a possible buyer of ancient icons, please consider the following advice that are provided generally for those who wish to collect art:

- Get a complete provenance or chain of custody to find out where the icon came from originally. Double-check the piece’s history instead relying on the certificate of authenticity.

- Research the dealer carefully. Find out if they sell only online or if they have a gallery. Beware of Internet-auctions.

- Consult an expert if you have any doubts of the origin or authenticity of the object.

If you are uncertain, refuse to buy the object. Remember that a stolen piece of art can jeopardize the investment and the collection. Also, the Metropolitan Police Art and Antiques Unit have a database of stolen art, which will be open for the public in the future to conduct searches. Meanwhile, their website with contact information is found in the address