Seminar. THE RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF ARTS. June 23-25, 2009.Moskow. Russia.



Thursday 15 April 2010, by Icon Network

The RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF ARTS, invites you to attend an international symposium.

The Symposium takes place at the Presidium Hall of the Russian Academy of Arts: 21 Prechistenka str., Moscow



June 23 morning session

10:00 - 13:30

Greeting of the President of the Russian Academy of Arts

Alexei Lidov. Spatial Icons as a Performative Phenomenon

Anna Lazarova, Elka Bakalova (Bulgaria). Messages to the Saint. Communicative Aspects of Sacred Space

Danica Popovic (Serbia). Iconic and Performative in Sacred Landscape. The Cave Monastery of the Archangel Michael at Ras and its Imagery

Andreas Rhoby (Austria). Interactive Inscriptions: Byzantine Works of Art and Their Beholders

Bissera Pencheva (USA). The Descent of Grace: Art, Nature, and Religion in Hagia Sophia

Natalia Teteriatnikova (USA). Animated Icons in Interactive Display: Mosaic Deesis in Hagia Sophia, Constantinople

June 23 afternoon session

15:00 - 18:30

Shigebumi Tsuji (Japan). Creating the Iconic Space. The Transformation of Narrative Landscape

Michitaka Suzuki (Japan). Hibutsu (Hidden Buddha). Living Images in Japan and the Orthodox Icons

Akira Akiyama (Japan). Interrelationship of Relics and Images in Buddhist and Christian Traditions: Comparative and Performative Aspects

Vladimir Maliavin (Taiwan). Hierotopy in Taoism and the Iconic Image

Xenia Muratova (France). The Labyrinth as a Performative Icon in Christian Culture, East and West

Tatyana Yavorskaya (Lithuania). The Mountains of Crosses – a Phenomenon of Popular Hierotopy

June 24 morning session

10:00 -13:30

Gerhard Wolf (Germany). Iconotopia. Reconsidering the Performative Rituals of Holy Images in Medieval Rome

Michele Bacci (Italy). Performed Topographies and Topomimetic Piety

Alexandr Godovanets. The Hierarchy of Light in the Architectural Space of Hagia Sophia

Nicoletta Isar (Denmark). The Imperial Choros - A Comnenian Hierotopy

Maria Lidova. Polyptych as a Spatial Image of the Church. The Icons by Ioannes Tohabi from the Collection of St. Catherine’s Monastery at Sinai

Anna Ryndina. The Image of the Sacred Space in Byzantine Glyptics: Two Staurothekas of the 11th and 12th Century

June 24 afternoon session

15:00 - 18:30

Armen Kazarian. Performative Space of Eastern Christian Monasteries: General Principles and Regional Peculiarities

Jelena Trkulja (Serbia). The Facade Decoration of Byzantine Churches: Symbolic, Spatial and Performative Aspects

Thomas Leisten (USA). The Performance of Commemoration in Islamic Tradition: A Сase of the Mosque al-Aqmar in Cairo

Vladimir Sedov. Spatial Structures in Medieval Russia: Iconic and Performative

Alexandr Musin. The Litania and the Making of Sacred Space in Medieval Novgorod

June 25 morning session

10:00 - 13:30

Vladimir Sarabianov. Relics and the Images of Saints in the Sacred Space of Saint Sophia in Kiev

Vsevolod Rozhniatovsky. The Performative Iconography. The Effects of Light in the Space of Medieval Russian Churches

Aleksandr Melnik. The Dramaturgy of Fire in Russian Churches of the 16th and 17th Centuries

Lilia Evseeva, Lada Kondrashkova. Creating the Iconic Space: Text, Singing and Image in the Sixteenth-century Festive Liturgies

Nina Kvlividze. ‘Procession’. Iconography and Liturgical Performance in the Time of Ivan the Terrible

Olga Chumicheva. Iconic Performances of Ivan the Terrible. A Transformation of the Concept of the Royal Power

June 25 afternoon session

15:00 - 18:30

Tatiana Samoilova. Creating the Sacred Space of the Biblical History. The Programs of Medieval Russian Churches

Elena Saenkova. The Spatial Icon of the Triumph of Orthodoxy in the Moscow Kremlin

Galina Zelenskaya. Monumental Inscriptions in the Creation of Sacred Space of the New Jerusalem near Moscow

Svetlana Yavorskaya. Shumaev’s Cross as a Spatial Image of New Jerusalem: Textuality and Performativity

Oleg Tarasov. The Spatial Icon in the Culture of the Russian Old Believers

Leonid Beliaev. Creating a Sacred Space: a Case of the Zachatievskij Monastery in Moscow