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Conservation and the Eastern Mediterranean

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Wednesday 25 August 2010, by Icon Network

September 2010

IIC 2010: Technical Programme

‘Conservation and the Eastern Mediterranean’ encompasses not only a huge geographic area, but layer upon layer of cultures and religions, sites that have been in continuous use and those razed or abandoned and then excavated, and every type of object, many still fulfilling their original functions and many dispersed in international collections. The conservation profession’s response to the topic was as enthusiastic as it is varied. There are common themes: analysis, research, recording and treatment assessments are typical features of many papers together with issues of risk assessment, protection, maintenance, management and policy. Several papers focus on the implications of conserving objects still in religious use. With some objects dispersed in collections there is the opportunity to compare approaches, as with the Ottoman rooms preserved in Malaysia, Germany and the USA. Similarly, manuscripts and their bindings—Islamic and Christian, in use and in collections— feature significantly. The diversity of the contributions provides the opportunity for sharing problems and solutions across an extremely wide range of contexts.

Sharon Cather_Head of the 2010 Technical Committee

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