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Art of Byzantium from Greek Collections

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Friday 13 June 2014, by Icon Network

J. Paul Getty Museum

April 9 through August 25, 2014

Date: Daily through August 25, 2014

Location: Museum, Floor 2, Getty Villa

Admission is free. An advanced timed-entry ticket is required.

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Spanning the Bosporus Strait that links the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, Constantinople (present-day Istanbul) became the new capital of the Roman Empire in A.D. 330. The ancient name of the former Greek colony now refers to the entire Byzantine Empire, which lasted for more than a millennium. As the state religion, Christianity permeated all aspects of life, profoundly influencing architecture and the visual arts.

This exhibition traces the development of Byzantine visual culture from its roots in the ancient pagan world through the opulent and deeply spiritual world of the new Christian Byzantine Empire and its broad influence across diverse regions. Featured are mosaics, icons, frescoes, sculpture, manuscripts, metalwork, jewelry, glass, embroideries and ceramics drawn from Greek collections.